Suspended Brewing’s Sour Persian

5% ABV, No IBU

While on an adventure on the East Coast, we decided to wander in Baltimore to check out Suspended Brewing Company, a new staple in the Pigtown part of the city. It was opening weekend for the brewery, and apparently very popular, because they were out of almost all their beers, save for some sours and a pale ale. We opted for a concoction on of the co-owners happily recommended to us when we got to the bar…the Sour Persian, a kettle sour conditioned with Iranian barberries, combined with some of the kombucha they also had on tap. It was a delicious, low-alcohol beer cocktail from heaven.

The 70/30 combo of the Berliner Weisse and kombucha clocks in at about 2.5% ABV, giving you all the benefits of a unique sour beer without the punch. There’s no novelty to wear off here. After two pints, the delicious tartness remained bold and refreshing, without making me feel sugary, as if I had ate an entire roll of Sweet Tarts. I’m also not a kombucha fan, so I was skeptical about what this addition to my traditional sour beer would do. Turns out, it only twists the traditional flavor into something wholly different…a flavor that even I can’t fully explain. This is a taste adventure you’ll have to on by yourself.