Birkenau Main Entrance

I think any travel blogger will have some emotions when they have to write a post about their visit to Auschwitz/Birkenau concentration camp. The fact that is has to be a thing for us to post about is saddening and causes a lot of introspective. Yet it is a real thing, and visiting and understanding this place is real, too. So this article exists, as does the atrocities that defined so much of our world that happened in this location. This article aims to provide a little insight to ensure you trip to this difficult site is as seamless as it can be so you can focus your eyes and emotions solely on this place in history, so that we can learn from it, and ensure it never occurs again.

Birkenau Main Entrance

If you’re reading this post, you probably already have a good idea on how to get to the Auschwitz/Birkenau concentration camp. We started our journey from Krakow, where we were spending a few nights visiting the sites. We walked to the main train station in Krakow, where the bus terminal also is. The main train station in Krakow (labeled as Kraków Station or “Kraków Główny” on a map) is sprawling complex that also has a mall in it (Galeria Krakowska). It’s easy to get confused here, as signs for train tracks and the bus terminal are interspersed with billboards. To get the bus platform, you have to outside to the ground level, where you’ll find the busses that will go to Auschwitz. The bus we took was not expensive at all, and the ride was two hours altogether. The bus makes frequent stops, however, as it’s a regular commuter bus, and not a shuttle bus directly to Auschwitz.


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